Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Aug 31 20:12:34 GMT 1998

Pierre-Jules Tremblay wrote:

> Problem 1: Copying files across the net
> Copying large files across the network, to or from a Samba share,
> often fails (but not always).  Interestingly, the file size for which
> file copy operations fail is inversely proportional to the log level.
> For example, at log level 100, I cannot copy anything over a few
> kilobytes.  

Can you send in such a debug level 100 log ?
This should be easy to track down (famous last words :-)
if it's so repeatable.

> Problem 2: using UWIN on NT to access Samba shares
> For samba mounted directory on ursula (samba server).
>     % ls //ursula/peta
>     ls: //ursula/peta: cannot read directory

Again - a debug level 10 of it working against earlier
code, and then not working would help here.

> Problem 3:  accented characters in filenames.
> He can access any files which do not bear accented characters in their
> names.

Again - a log is what's needed here.



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