SIGPIPE problems

Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Aug 28 16:51:34 GMT 1998

At 02:41 AM 8/29/98 +1000, Jeremy Allison wrote:

>> The obvious fix is to catch SIGPIPE (reinstalling the signal handler
>> if necessary). Any other suggestions? Any better ways of getting
>> timeouts on connect() ?


Check your old messages.  I think I sent you a fix ( by our Senior
SysAdmin ) for this under 18p4.  It was fairly Solaris2 specific
and I think you mentioned that you were going to generalize it 

My memory is vague at the moment though so I could be wrong.  I
think this was the solution we chose as well.  Would ave to look at
the source though to be sure.

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