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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

System error 1326 has occurred.
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

But net use \\w2k_pc_name\IPC$ /USER:w2k_pc_name\administrator - everything
is OK.

Strange, but I can connect from any w2k in second branch to any w2k in first
branch: start\run: \\w2k_pc_name, I enter the same username and password
that I used before ant voila! It works.

I know that I use needed passwords, problem is somewhere in w2k sp2 (I
needed to download samba from cvs because samba 2.2.1a doesn't worked with
w2k sp2 - it was impossible to join domain) or in samba cvs (or in my config

If you need to know my config please let me know.

Eimantas Serpenskas
Network Administrator
International School of Management
E. Ozeskienes str. 18, Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 7 302407
Fax.: +370 7 302418
Mob.: +370 82 47594

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