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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

Sun share (security issue).  See if you can map share from M$ box.  Maybe you
should access your LAN through NT or Sun RAS.  Are you able to ping other machines
from home?
Also, this looks more like a VPN setting issue.  I have Raptor VPN here and it
allows connection to just one W2K box.  Users cannot see or access anything else.
Nitin Pande
Mail Administrator

Joel Themmen wrote:

> Hi,
>         I am semi-literate with regards to Samba so please be patient. My boss
> (whom I like to keep happy) wants to access a Solaris 8 box upon which I
> have installed Samba from his home. Our company uses a SonicWall Internet
> Appliance for VPN access. This is where the problem may arise. My boss has a
> W2K machine at home and can connect to his office NT box using PCAnywhere 8
> and can go from there to the Sun box but he would really like to map a drive
> from his home box to a Samba share on the Sun box at work. I cannot get this
> to work. (For that matter I would also like to be able to do this)
> What I can tell you:
> I can ping the IP of the Sun box at work - (I have the same
> VPN setup)
> The Sun box share that he wants to connect to is "local"
> The Sun Box NetBios name is "SunServer" and I cannot ping it from home (This
> sounds bad to me)
> He is not behind a firewall at home but likely will be
> I am behind a D-Link 704 Internet Gateway
> Any help  (even a "That can't be done) is appreciated,
> Thanks,
> Joel

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