Howto quickly migrate from NT PDC to a samba PDC?

Nelson N. Escravana nne at
Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

Hi to all, 
	i hope this question isn't a basic one, since i
readed about all i could in the samba 2.0.6 distribution,
searched-engine, and the samba-ntdom mailling archive,
so here it goes,

	I have a win NT4.0/SP4 PDC and want to migrate to
a samba2.0 Linux Redhat6.1 PDC. How do i do this
as less painfull as possible to the WinNT workstations,
Win2000 workstations,win95 and win98's clients???
	Is it possible to setup the samba server as a BDC
so i replicate the data????

	If this is documented anywhere, i will thank for
any pointer.

	Nelson Escravana

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