Samba DC giving error: smb_pam_passcheck: PAM: smb_pam_auth failed - Rejecting User

David Mendez mendeda at
Fri Jan 4 09:23:02 GMT 2002


I have a Redhat 7.2 box running Samba version 2.2.1a.  The linux box serves
as a Domain controller for Windows 98 clients.  All the Windows 98 clients
are using plain text passwords.  The samba server appears to be working
correctly but I see these messages in the machine log files when logging in:

 smb_pam_passcheck: PAM: smb_pam_auth failed - Rejecting User username!!

I have "encrypt passwords = no" in my smb.conf file.  The user actually logs
in but the only problem is I get a "Access Denied Z:" error when the logon
script runs.  For some users it shows one time and the script continues on
ok.  For other users the script continually gives the "Access Denied Z:"
error and they have to skip the logon script.    Using plain text passwords
means I don't need a smbpasswd file right?  Any one have any ideas about
what is happening?  Thanks in advance.

Dave Mendez

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