W2k Client - Samba PDC

Lloyd Anderson lloyda at networksonline.co.za
Wed Jan 2 08:05:10 GMT 2002


I am battling to join a win2k wks to a samba (PDC) domain.

3 Scenarios:

1. Correct username and password (as specified in smbpasswd) - error is
"The specified user does not exist"

2. Correct username and incorrect password - error is "Logon Failure:
Unknown user name or bad password"

3. Incorrect username and password - same as 2 above.

I have looked through all the documentation I can find, to no avail.
smbclient connects fine.
I can see the shares if I browse the IP (or netbios name), using the
same credentials.

I can only see that it is win2k automatically trying to create an
account for the machine on the PDC, but I cannot disable this.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Lloyd Anderson

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