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In case you missed the announcement the first time, here is a

chau, jerry

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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 13:27:20 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] End-Of-Life for Samba-ntdom List on Jan. 7, 2002


We (Samba Team) are planning on declaring an end-of-life for
this mailing list.  Here's a little background of our thinking.

There are currently 2089 non-digest subscribers and 997
digest ones.  This compares to the main samba list which has
1913 non-digested and 3506 digested subscribers.  The total
messages on samba-ntdom for both October & November combined
is approximately 900.  This is ~3,100 messages less than
samba at during the same time frame.

The samba-ntdom mailing list was first announced on January
30, 1998, with a purpose of supporting the new begun
"NT Domains for UNIX" project.  From the 1.9.18alpha releases
until the official 2.2.0 release on April 17 of this year, the
samba-ntdom year has provided a valuable forum for beta
testing and development of the NT 4.0 domain control functionality
in Samba.  With the official (if not yet completed) domain control
support in the 2.2 series, the majority of domain control
questions have been posted to samba at  There has also
been an increase in cross posting between these two lists.

The decision to EOL this list was arrived at by carefully
considering whether or not the list has completed its purpose.
It is our belief that it has.  The domain control support has
become mainstream (it is not longer necessary to download
cvs code to obtain nt4 style PDC support).

The continued existence of the list has provided two problems.

  1) Developers struggle to stay current with the samba-technical
     and mainstream samba mailing lists.  As a result, bug reports
     and/or patches sent to samba-ntdom are often lost.

  2) There are many questions which are duplicated between the
     two lists.  Thus resulting in a duplication of effort to
     respond to them.

In an attempt to better pool resources and provide better
inter-activity with the Samba community, we will decommission
this list on January 7, 2002.  This gives you three weeks to
re-subscribe yourself to the mainstream samba list should you
so choose.  At this list, any messages sent to samba-ntdom at
will received an auto-responded message indicating the new closed
status of the list.

We would like to thank again all of those of you which helped
to make the domain control support stable and accessible to
the Samba community at large.  You should all feel proud. :-)

chau, jerry
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