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Andreas Boeckler abo at
Thu Sep 27 11:10:04 GMT 2001


has anyone tried to combine the purpose of the libnss_ldap and libnss_winbind module?
Instead of talking in Legacy mode to an WIN2K DC, it would be possible to do a ldaprequest to it:

kinit <user>

ldapsearch -h <pdc-host> -L -b "DC=DOMAIN,DC=NET" "(objectClass=user)"
returns the user-list

ldapsearch -h <pdc-host> -L -b "DC=DOMAIN,DC=NET" "(objectClass=group)"
returns the groups-list

ldapsearch -h <pdc-host> -L -b "DC=DOMAIN,DC=NET" "(sAMAccountName=<user>) objectSid
returns the SID of the user or group or whatever ..

I think, the only problem is the preauthentication to make the ldaprequest,
but that could be solved with this:



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