Dual logon servers?

Dave Stevenson dave.stevenson at durham.ac.uk
Thu Sep 27 08:24:02 GMT 2001

" A Domain controller for Domain XXXX could not be contacted"

I have two Samba servers running 2_2 CVS under Solaris2.8 (gcc 2.95.2)

One is a PDC with mandatory profile and logon script

PDC                                        other (call it BDC?)

security=user                            security=domain
                                                password server =
<netbios name of PDC>
domain logons = yes                 domain logons=yes
preferred master = yes              preferred master=no
local master = yes                     local master=no
domain master = auto               domain master=no
os level = 66                            os level = <default>

Shares etc for profiles and netlogon (replicated via unix)
"BDC" has joined the domain OK

And logons fail ( intermittently but pretty frequently with the usual
"Domain controller for...
...could not be found" )
setting BDC     domain logons=no and the problem disappears (Unless the
is put under prolonged heavy load:-)

Am I missing something or just being too optimistic re the possibility
of sharing
the logon/profile load between two servers? - any ideas welcome

PS 2_2  is working fine as print server with auto driver downloads -
wonderful, excellent job.

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