FW: NT 4.0 Servers not seeing SAMBA share

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Sounds like a routing problem. Do you have WINS setup? Routers usually will
not relay brodcasts, so you must use WINS resolution otherwise the remote
machines will not be able to see the Samba box. You can setup WINS using the

wins server = w.x.y.z 

where w.x.y.z is the IP address of your wins server (for example mine is
or you could setup the samba box as a wins server. If you do just make sure
that you setup wins in the network properties of all the other windows

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Subject: NT 4.0 Servers not seeing SAMBA share

I have an RS6000 running IBM AIX 4.x and SAMBA installed.  I have setup a
number of shares that can only be seen locally by a NT 4.0 Server and
clients.  I cannot seem to see these shares from the other three NT4.0
Servers on the WAN.  Is there a problem with the way the share has been
setup in SAMBA?  The only difference I can see in the NT servers is the one
that can see and open the share is the PDC and exists on the same LAN as the
UNIX box.


Bob Stoddard

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