Weird Folder Looping

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In that case I have no idea. I have, however, only ever seen this problem
with some of my samba servers, and I was able to trace it all back to
looping sym links. Could you please send some details of the problem as you
have seen it on your NT systems as I want to try and replicate the results.
You've got me interested now. I have evedently never actually seen the
problem you are refering to.

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I don't think this one is Samba/symlinks' fault. I've seen it on NT file
servers, myself (even with no Linux clients).
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> I have seen this behaviour between two installs of samba.  We have a
> Linux based backup server (2.2.1a) using smbtar to do weekly archives
> of various desktop machines.
> The desktops are a mix of Win2000/NT4/solaris 2.6 with samba 2.2.1a
> I have seen this behaviour recently causing backups to fail by
> crashing the smbtar and have been trying to pin it down.
> Unfortunately, I need the backups to follow some sym links.
> Mark
> On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 DavidAtkinson at wrote:
> > That problem relates to Symbolic References. You can turn off this
> > with a directive like follow symbolic link = no, but you will have to
> > the manual. I have this behaviour on my servers too, and I mostly just
> > ignore it, but you can either disable it or you can tel your users not
> > try going down all these directories.>
> >
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> >
> > Hi. Has anyone seen the behavior of having explorer folder traversal
> > loop? By this I mean, directories repeat over and over.
> >
> > As an example, say the samba server has a share on it called documents.
> > I'll navigate to a file 3 or 4 directories beneath documents. Let's say
> > the path looks like:
> >
> > documents\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4\somefile.txt
> >
> > As I expand the tree, it can drop back to the root of documents, adding
> > ghost directories, like:
> >
> > documents\dir1\dir2\dir1\dir2\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4\somefile.txt
> >
> > It's flaky. Has anyone seen this? Not all of our win2k boxes produce
> > this problem, all are at sp2. I'm using msdfs with samba 2.2.1a
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