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Mario Sanguineti mario.sanguineti at
Tue Sep 18 19:00:09 GMT 2001

Dear All
I am using smbclient to validate users on  NT Domain(s) as follows.

smbclient '\\server\share' -U username%password -W domain <Input_file >Result_file

Basically does user 'user' with password 'password' exist on server 'server' in domain

I am using the 'share' as if it where a 'group'.  I would have liked to pass the
group but cannot see how. I have created a share on NT (eg) MyUsers and given those
users access to that share. This does the trick.

My login screen on Redhat linux will just ask username and password.
A setup file will have Server,Share and Domain (eg) /etc/smb.conf

Input_file has the two commands "dir" and quit".
Result_file has has the output of results.

If the string "Access Denied" or "Session setup failed"
is found, I assume the user is not authenticated.

My Questions are :
(a) Is this the best way to do it with the least work ?
(b) I will need to change the source code so I can hide the password.
     The file which will contain the password will have to be unique as simultaneous
     requests to smbclient (as above) will occur. (as will Input_file & Result_file, using say rand())
     Is there a better way ?
(c) I also want to install only 'smbclient' on a minimal Redhat installation. Not 
all the baggage with samba. The only dependencies that seem to be needed
are smb.conf and the codepage directory.
     What is the codepage directory ?
      Can I avoid it ?
(d) I have tried using 'rpcclient' but it was dog trying to understand it and find documentation
Is there a another way to do this? without touching Samba source code and spending
more than a few hours ?

Look forward to you response ?
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