Linux, Samba, and Macintosh's

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Thu Oct 25 17:25:03 GMT 2001

there are several solutions that I have used. The one i prefer is Netatalk
(separate program to samba) because it is free. You could also try Dave
which is a Mac SMB client/server package. Dave is a commercial package, but
there is a limmited trial version on the web. (try, or
simmilar). Netatalk I use at home to support my mothers powerbook laptop. it
does do PAP and AFS but it is no where near as full-featured as Samba. You
can check out netatalk at If you want
some help you can contact me directly or try some of the netatalk mailing
lists. This isn't exactly Samba NT dom type stuff.

hope this helps.

David Atkinson

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Thanks Greg! Do I read the site right tho, that looks like a whole linux
distro of it's own. That means I'd have to blow away everything I've
done so far and load this version of linux?

- Gary

Greg Zartman wrote:
> Gary,
> Yes you can.  A VERY good and nearly turnkey solution for doing this can
> found in SME5.0 Linux. then downloads.
> Greg Zartman
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> > OK, I was just about to bring a new samba server online to replace an
> > ageing Novell server, when a student walks up and says, Kool, but will I
> > still be able to connect with my Macintosh? "D*^n, I forgot about them"
> > I says. Before I get rode out of town, does anyone know how to connect
> > them to samba? I've seen in the kernel where I can compile in the
> > AppleTalk protocol, but I've never used it, and have no idea if it will
> > play nicely with samba.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Gary
> >
> >
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