Samba and iptables

Uwe Dippel udippel at
Fri Nov 30 02:12:04 GMT 2001

Slightly off the track:
I have a packet filter running on iptables to keep intruders out. My
*outside* network is a private network (University) in the 172.20 range
and my inside network on 192.168.0.
Everything is fine, except that Samba (running on the inside network)
is not accessable from 172 (I cannot share files to my students). I
cannot log on to the Domain (PDC) through the filter neither.
Did anyone ever come across such a setup? Is it possible at all and how
would I have to configure Samba in case it is possible?
(So far I opened all ports, cleared all tables, MASQUERADE, without



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