Samba and iptables

David Highley dhighley at
Fri Nov 30 09:23:02 GMT 2001

"Uwe Dippel wrote:"
> Slightly off the track:
> I have a packet filter running on iptables to keep intruders out. My
> *outside* network is a private network (University) in the 172.20 range
> and my inside network on 192.168.0.
> Everything is fine, except that Samba (running on the inside network)
> is not accessable from 172 (I cannot share files to my students). I
> cannot log on to the Domain (PDC) through the filter neither.
> Did anyone ever come across such a setup? Is it possible at all and how
> would I have to configure Samba in case it is possible?
> (So far I opened all ports, cleared all tables, MASQUERADE, without
> success)

If memory serves me, the 192.168.0 network addresses like the
address are not routed by default. They are expected to be a private not
routed network. So unless you are using a NAT router or modify the
router setting to pass those IP addresses it should not work. This is
covered in one of the network RFCs.

> Curious,
> Uwe
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