Samba domain logins in security=server mode

Eric Wallace Eric.Wallace at
Wed Nov 28 13:40:03 GMT 2001

> (NT logging leaves a _lot_ to be desired, but I digress)

Try turning on auditing for "Logon/Logoff" and "User and Group Management" under
NT's "User Mangler for Domains" ("Policies" menu, "Audit..."). You'll get plenty
of events logged this way.

However, if you're using "security=server" your Samba server doesn't need an NT
domain machine account, so you're right in saying that it didn't use it.

> read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = No route to host

This is a guess, but it looks like a network connectivity problem...

Can you find the server with 'nmblookup PDCNAME'? You should get an IP address
back. If you don't, maybe try the option '-d 3' to get debugging output on the
steps it took to look for the NetBIOS name.

Can you ping that IP address? Consistently? If not, you've got routing problems.

Please check out the DIAGNOSIS.txt file in the 'textdocs' directory (and maybe for
more troubleshooting tips.

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