Samba domain logins in security=server mode

Greg Boug gboug at
Wed Nov 28 17:23:05 GMT 2001

> > (NT logging leaves a _lot_ to be desired, but I digress)
> Try turning on auditing for "Logon/Logoff" and "User and Group
> Management" under NT's "User Mangler for Domains" ("Policies" menu,
> You'll get plenty of events logged this way.

> However, if you're using "security=server" your Samba server
> doesn't need an NT
> domain machine account, so you're right in saying that it didn't use it.

Yes, but the NT workstation requires a valid computer account. I have
created one on both the NT server and on the Samba "proxy" and that is
when I get the above error. Interestingly, if the computer account doesn't
exist on the Samba proxy, the error doesn't occur. I assume that the
error occurs further down the login process...

> > read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = No route to host
> This is a guess, but it looks like a network connectivity problem...

That's what I thought, but connectivity seems to be OK...
Any way of figuring out _which_ host its trying to connect to?
Ie. which debugging options should I try setting?

> Can you find the server with 'nmblookup PDCNAME'? You should get
> an IP address back. If you don't, maybe try the option '-d 3'
> to get debugging output on the steps it took to look for the NetBIOS name.

> Can you ping that IP address? Consistently? If not, you've got
> routing problems.

This isn't a problem...

> Please check out the DIAGNOSIS.txt file in the 'textdocs'
> directory (and maybe
> g.rtf) for
> more troubleshooting tips.

Shall do... Thanks for the pointers :)


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