Migrating from NT PDC to Samba PDC again :)

grobe at gmx.net grobe at gmx.net
Tue Nov 27 05:49:24 GMT 2001

> easy task thanks to PDC-BDC function. But how to replace PDC with Samba?

Maybe this way is possible with samba-tng, which has some bdc-funcionality.
Maybe you should ask this on their mailinglist (www.samba-tng.org).
> Domain SID: I think i can obtain it by (for example) psgetsid.exe utility
> from
> Sysinternals but where it is stored on Samba? In private/WORKGROUP.SID?

If you can get it, cool.. store it in (yourprivatedir)/(YOURDOMAINNAME.SID)

> Machines SID: I'm not sure if machines SID is really stored on server or
> not. If
> yes, where it must be specify? In private/MACHINE.SID?

AFAIK you need this if you are a member of a domain, if both exist, you will
get trouble.

> How can I obtain RID and where I must put it?

Samba calculates RIDs from UIDs.

CU, Lars.

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