Migrating from NT PDC to Samba PDC again :)

Martin.Doule Martin.Doule at czech.sun.com
Tue Nov 27 05:27:04 GMT 2001


I allready send e-mail about it once but because I really need it works and my
time is short I try it again in hope that someone will know answer :).

For some reason we are migrating from NT-like server to Samba. As we have a lot
of computer and our users are developers we want to make it as less painfull as
possible. In normal Windows NT domain migrating from one server to another is
easy task thanks to PDC-BDC function. But how to replace PDC with Samba?

Create user accounts with their current password is easy task thanks to pwdump2
utility. Same for password for machines accounts. But to "convice" NT clients
that Samba server is really PDC of original domain instead the old computer I
need to have specify also next things:

Domain SID: I think i can obtain it by (for example) psgetsid.exe utility from
Sysinternals but where it is stored on Samba? In private/WORKGROUP.SID?

Machines SID: I'm not sure if machines SID is really stored on server or not. If
yes, where it must be specify? In private/MACHINE.SID?

Users RID: Each user SID is made from Domain SID and users Relative ID (RID).
How can I obtain RID and where I must put it?

Well that's a lot of question, isn't it? :) I'll be gratefull for any ideas or
links how to do this. I tried to found these info by google.com, but it looks
like everybody migrate to Samba by rejoining to machines to domain and migrating
user profiles to new users, which is not good option to me.

Thanks in advance

Martin Doule

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