browsing mystery....

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Mon Nov 26 14:47:02 GMT 2001

Hi, Sebastian
Thanks for your response, I'm also trying to solve the problem...
Anyway, it's nice to hear I'm not alone.....hehe
I just can't understand why this problem apparently is so rare....

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> Hi,
> no, we couldn't solve the problem 'til today. Our workgroup was build up
> three subnetworks, for every subnetwork we configured a
> and one subnetwork had the domain-master-browser. After a time we were
> able to see all the host from the "other  side" within our "whole"
workgroup, but trying
> to connect to them failed with an error message, that the requested host
> be found. We paused the trial & error method; now going to test only with
> subnets, simple routing between, trying another OS;
> If i get any further results on it, you will here from me, the only
problem is the effort of time.
> take care,
> Sebastian
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