Problem with Samba + NT4 StandAlne + W95/98

José Roberto Kerne joseroberto at
Fri Nov 23 12:05:05 GMT 2001


I have a problem...

Showing my structure

Samba Server (2.2.0) 
- Domain Controller
- Logon Server
- File server (master server...)
- Use Encryptation Yes (using smbpasswd)

- Database Server (Standalone) Service Pack 6
- Permissions for shares configured getting user with Linux (Samba 2.2.0)
- This server, before, is logon and domain server... but now, only Database
- File server (secondary, only for files from systems to Database)

WorkStations Windows NT4 - ok 100%
- Access 2 server, no problema

WorkStagions W95/98
- Access to Domain with Samba server ok!
- Access to NT4 (only Workstations before logged in NT4, older Domain 
Controller). New workstations W95/98 dont access this computer!

Please, i need help!


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