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Greg Zartman greg at
Thu Nov 8 08:49:16 GMT 2001


Thanks for the script.

Actually, I'll give you a little background on what I'm doing.  This
actually fits another active thread on this mailing list.   I've put
together perl program that ties together three Samba programs to achived
data from all online windows clients, with a share named backup,  back to
the server.  The reason that I'm looking to find out share size is so that I
can keep track of how much data that I'm trying to archive back to the
server hard drive so that I don't inadvertantly fill it up with client
backup data.  ;o)

Currently, I create a temporary mount point, mount the share using smbmount,
then run a df on the share mount.  When I'm finished, I unmount the share
and delete the mount point.  Works fine, but seems a little slopply.  Maybe
it's the best way to perform this task, but not sure.


Greg J. Zartman

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