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Wed Nov 7 21:28:02 GMT 2001

* Jason Cook (jasonc at wrote:
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> > I got bored and wrote a script using smbclient that outputs sizes of
> > shares on hosts.  Just put in the password and update the $remote
> > entries to match your environment.  I know the code is mildly nasty,
> > but I'm still learning :)
> > 
> I've been trying to modify the script to to list the sizes of all the
> machines in the workgroup and have run into a small problem.  I think
> I have found a bug in smbclient.  I can't seem to use -L to look up
> the shares on a machine without being asked for a password.  Since -L
> is an option but I am not connecting to a share the password doesn't
> get parsed correctly so I am stuck with a prompt.  
> Am I doing things wrong or is this a bug?

I found a workaround by putting in a bogus share name.

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