Backup with samba

Markus Stahl c-3 at
Thu Nov 8 00:06:06 GMT 2001

> I've got a samba 2.2.2 server that is
> the PDC of my network, and i want to
> make a backup of all win98 workstation
> on the server, the my documents
> forlder of each win98 client as
> computername_date.tar.gz. Besides that
> i want also make a backup of the /home
> directory of my server as
> server_date.tar.gz and the copy
> everything to a cdrw on the server.

Just a question: what about mapping the 'my documents' folder to the
home share on your server? That would make backup process easier
and safer, due you don't have to make the 'my folder' directory a share
on every win98 machine and it would also isolate the personal files of
all users if they want to save them in 'my folder'. Or isn't your server
always available?

> What backup software do you guys
> sugest me to use?? Or the better way
> is to create scripts  and use crontab
> to copy it to the server.

I would say that depends on your abilities. But of writing a custom
script could propably better fit your needs and is of course cheaper. ;)

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