Odd behavior logging in revisited..

Tony Ricker rickera2 at SLU.EDU
Wed Nov 7 08:59:02 GMT 2001

    I have posted this issue before but received little response. The
issue is when a user logs in to samba, sometimes it will give the
"incorrect password or access to your server has been denied" error.
This has happened to me (including others) and I know I typed the
correct password. I will hit enter again at the log on box and then it
will authenticate. I see nothing in the logs that gives me an idea as to
what is happening. I do one of 3 things if it will not let a user log
    1. smbpasswd -a user name
    2. have the user  retype their user name in the log on box
    3. last resort: delete user in etc/passwd and /etc/samba/smbpasswd
and re-enter them.
There is no pattern that I can see, some times 1 will work, sometimes
not. Same with 2 and 3. Could this be a bug? My setup is Red Hat 7.1
with smb 2.2.2
Any help or guidance is appreciated.


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