New to Samba, mounting disks from a PC

Con Harte con at
Wed Nov 7 03:34:02 GMT 2001


I could be wrong but it looks like your Samba machine needs
to become a member of the domain "MYGROUP" if that is actually
a domain as opposed to a workgroup.

You state that it is a "workgroup", so I'm figuring that's
exactly what it is, in which case you might want to reconsider
the " security = " setting in your smb.conf file.
The setting "security = domain" expects to find a domain controller
within that workgroup that can authenticate logons.  Try
"security = server".

If this isn't right, anyone please feel free to comment on my

Hope that helps.


At 22:59 06/11/01, you wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I am new to Samba and I am somewhat
>familiar with Windows NT. I am having
>problems when I try to mount a shared
>resource from a PC. I need some guidance,
>a starting point would be nice.
>My situation:
>The linux machine(where Samba resides)named MADUX is on a
>workgroup called MYGROUP. The PC client named KM0033 is
>on a workgroup called KMLAB. I created a resource
>in the smb.conf file called "tmp". Contents of the smb.conf are:
>encrypt passwords = Yes
>security = domain
>workgroup = KMLAB
>password server = *
>guest ok = no
>read only = no
>path = /root
>read only = yes
> From the Linux machine, when I type "smbclient //madux/tmp", I get the
>message "tree connect failed: ERRSRV-ERRinvnetname
>(Invalid network name in tree connect.)" But when I type
>"smbclient //madux/root", where "root" is a username(superuser),
>this works.
> From the PC machine, when I type "net use x: \\madux\tmp"
>I get prompted for a password. After I type the password, whether correct or incorrect, I get the message "The account is not
>authorized to login from this station".
>How do I make the linux machine part of the KMLAB workgroup?
>What could be the source of my problems?
>I've been tackling my problems for a couple of days.
>I know that I am probably asking for too much, but some
>help would be appreciated it.
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