New to Samba, mounting disks from a PC

Jorge A. Lores j_lores at
Tue Nov 6 14:59:05 GMT 2001

Hi guys,

I am new to Samba and I am somewhat
familiar with Windows NT. I am having
problems when I try to mount a shared
resource from a PC. I need some guidance,
a starting point would be nice.

My situation:
The linux machine(where Samba resides)named MADUX is on a
workgroup called MYGROUP. The PC client named KM0033 is
on a workgroup called KMLAB. I created a resource
in the smb.conf file called "tmp". Contents of the smb.conf are:
encrypt passwords = Yes
security = domain
workgroup = KMLAB
password server = *

guest ok = no
read only = no

path = /root
read only = yes

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