NT box will not logon SAMBA

Justin D Davis justindd at iastate.edu
Thu May 10 09:08:07 GMT 2001

For one thing, you should have the encrypt passwords set to yes.
Then make sure you have users set up for samba.  Do a `smbpasswd -a user` to 
add them, and it will ask you for that user's password.

Things generally look decent, although I would comment out all of the domain 
master = yes local master = yes etc. for now.  I would put in a line such as
`remote announce =` to make the server appear to other systems.

The first step is to get things configured so that you can mount a drive/open a 
share from the server, then afterwards you can setup the machine accounts and
attempt to turn on the PDC features.

> Hi,
> I am totally new to UNIX and to SAMBA so don't be too hard on me.
> I have been looking at the possibility of using Solaris 8 for Intel as the
> server OS with clients running NT or Windows 2000 for an upcoming project.
> Initially SAMBA, from the reviews, looked to be the PERFECT solution.
> However, been working for the past several days and have not been able to
> get my NT box to logon to SAMBA. I can ping the Solaris 8 (SAMBA) box..but
> can't logon...can't even mount/map a disk.
> I have followed Step # 2...many times..drank lots of coffee. Keep looking
> over my smb.conf file and making changes but felt that it was time to ask
> for some help from people who may have been there already. Any suggestions
> would be appreciated, I have attached a copy of my smb.conf file for all to
> laugh at...
> Also, reading through the documentation I came across section 6.7 -
> DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt. It was very disappointing to find that SAMBA really can
> not act as an NT Domain Controller? This was a KEY reason why we were
> looking at SAMBA...some rumors that I have heard say there are plans in
> SAMBA version 3.0 for this? Is this a true statement? If so..anybody have an
> ETA on version 3.0?
> Thanks,
> Dave B.
> David A. Bartkus
> Senior Systems Engineer
> Gnostech Inc.
> 650 Louis Drive
> Suite 190
> Warminster, PA 18974
> Phone: 215-443-8660
> FAX: 215-443-9192

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