Domain Upgrade.

Moussa, Mohamed Farid (Mohamed) mfarid at
Tue May 8 16:33:21 GMT 2001

Dear All,
	I have a problem that showed up after upgrading our Domain machine
from NT to Win2000. Before this upgrade we were able to access all samba
servers ( actually 5 SUN ultra machines with Solaris 2.6) shares from any pc
running win95,98 NT and Win2000. After upgrading our domain to win2000 only
PCs with fixed IP addresses could access samba server's shares, other PCs
that gets it's IP address from a DHCP server could not access these shares
despite of there appearance on the network neighborhood !!!!!.
So do you have any idea if this is related to the domain upgrade or the
Samab servers must be configured with new settings 

   Mohamed Farid.

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