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Robert M. Martel bob at
Tue May 8 19:46:45 GMT 2001

	I am going with Samba for a number of very good reasons.  I wasn't ready to 
really run with Sun's offering because of its history.
	Sun built their product on top of AT&T code.  AT&T had access to NT 4.0
source to build their "advanced server", Sun built Netlink on top of that - so they had 
"backdoor" access to the NT code.  I doubt MS will allow Sun direct, or any other kind 
of peek at the code for their newer OS offerings.  How will Sun develop code to support 
Windows 2000, XP, or whatever comes next?  I was worried about the Netlink product 
being a dead-end.

	Another selling point for Sun's product was the ability to manage it using 
native MS tools, user manager, event viewer, etc.  We are primarily a UNIX shop and 
could care less about MS tools access.
	Even with Sun tossing it to us for free, Netlink was more expensive than Samba.
	Samba team, Thanks for the great package!
	-Bob Martel

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Well, apparently Netlink is free also if you own Solaris.

I'd assume one of the biggest advantages is that it offers BDC support.

Granted Samba runs on more platforms, but Netlink runs on the platform you
are using.

I'm not trashing Samba.  I was just curious why you would move away from a
product that "seemed" to offer more functionality and is free also?  It
helps developing your own strategy when you understand why other
professionals do the things they do.  Just picking your brain for the
reasons. :)

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