SV: Procedure number out of range

Jorgen Overgaard jorgen at
Thu Mar 29 08:20:43 GMT 2001

I too have the same problem, any ideas anyone?

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> Från:	Stephen Atkins [SMTP:stephen.atkins at]
> Skickat:	den 23 mars 2001 15:26
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> Ämne:	FW: Procedure number out of range
> Hello all.  I'm running the CVS 2.2 on Mandrake 7.2.  I'm running into a
> problem when I try to connect to my Linux box from win2k.  It's giving me an
> error of "Procedure number is out of range".  If I try with encrypt password
> = no it tells me "The account is not authorized to log in from this
> station".  And yes the user account is in smbpasswd and /etc/passwd with the
> same passwords.  If encrypt password = yes then it gives me and "Procedure
> number is out of range".  If anyone can tell me why its giving me this
> problem please let me know.  I've attached my smb.conf file below.
> Thanks
> Stephen Atkins
>  <<Fil: smb.conf>> 

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