Halelujah! It works!

Eric Pilger pilger at kahana.higp.hawaii.edu
Wed Mar 28 20:05:44 GMT 2001

At long last, after >7 months of effort, the tree bears fruit.

I  suspect I may have been shooting myself in the foot for some time.
Very early on in the game I had tried to enable my current server to
support domains, but could never join it. I then started practicing on
another server so that I wouldn't keep distrubing things. Yesterday, I
once again downloaded a full, clean CVS and recompiled. I then
discovered accidentally that the current server was still configured to
support domains. Hmm...If it's been working all this time, no harm in
trying the latest stuff.

I disabled the test server, did a clean install of the new stuff on the
current server and restarted.Voila! She works!

I must have had some wierd dueling server thing.

Of course now the hard issues start.

- Unless people are in the Power User group, the CD burner doesn't work
and Netscape complains it can't change the registry. How do I put people
in this group?

- It's no fun initializing everybodys profile in their home directory

- The User manager for Domains for NT shows only a portion of the users,
and some show up as groups. This is that "No distinction between groups
and users thing" isn't it?

Ah well, the fun continues.

Eric J. Pilger

Systems Administrator

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology/SOEST

pilger at pgd.hawaii.edu


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