New Samba Install / Replicating UNIX Passwords Over to smbpasswd File

jallen at jallen at
Wed Mar 28 21:22:43 GMT 2001

I have recently installed and begun configuring Samba for the first time.
The Samba server (smbd) is configured and
running on my UNIX box.

However, I am in the process of replicating my UNIX /etc/passwd file over
to my Samba smbpasswd file. I have attempted
to use the addtosmbpass script, but to no avail. The syntax that I am using
to follow:

     addtosmbpass /etc/passwd /opt/samba/lib/smbpasswd

I have also tried the smbpasswd program and enter the individual passwords.
This is not working either.

Does anyone have a trick or pointers on the quickest way to get my UNIX
/etc/passwd passwords into my samba
smbpasswd file? ?

I have been following the online documentation as well as the documentation
found in the "Using Samba" book.

I am also having a few problems getting the NT server to authenticate
itself with the UNIX/Samba server and
visa versa.

It would be wonderful if someone could give me a call. Especially if they
have gone through the same ordeal that I am
going through.


James C. Allen Jr.
Systems Network Administrator
Entrodyne Corporation
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Buena Vista, VA  24416
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