Impossible to obtain the NETBIOS name of a Win95 box using samba

Christophe MAILHE christophe_mailhe at
Tue Mar 27 17:07:47 GMT 2001

Dear all,

I loose hope to be able to obtain the NETBIOS name of
a Win95 box using the following command :

nmblookup -A ipaddress

Some of my user are using laptops and are connecting
the network by a remote lan access.

The IP address is attributed by the RLA supplier.

I included in the login process (telnet) of our
Administrative AIX server a NETBIOS name check of the
calling machine. If the NETBIOS name if not in the
list of allowed boxes the server does not grant the

If a Winnt box try to login, I don't have any issue.
But for Win95 !!!!

The version of Samba we use is

Below a part of the smb.conf.

Thank for your reply,

workgroup = OR-UK-LON
netbios name = SRV10000C
local master = No
wins proxy = Yes
wins server =

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