Win9x vs WinME

Paul Winkeler pwinkeler at
Tue Mar 27 17:40:24 GMT 2001

Running alpha3 from CVS, my Linux RedHat 6.2 box happily becomes a PDC and
both my WIndows 98SE and WIndows ME machines can see its shares just fine.
That is where the similarity ends however :-(

Windows 98SE:
- Stores and pulls down the User profile from the server just fine
- Has user level acces configured but, when I try to make its printer
sharable I get the message: "Cannot retrieve user list; please try again

Windows ME:
- Seems to ignore the User profile
- Is perfectly happy to grant user level access to its drive shares

Any suggestions?  If it is helpful to have some logging data, I have several
MBs lying around :-)

 Paul Winkeler

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