Samba 2.2 print driver setup

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Mar 27 15:07:44 GMT 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Fouquet, Errol wrote:

> Will there be any methodology available in 2.2 for installing print
> drivers without browsing to the PRINT$ share from a W2K/NT box? I've
> got about 180 printers (at least 30 different models) shared and I'm
> encountering some difficulties in installing drivers.

You can automate print driver installs using smbclient and 
rpcclient.  See for examples.  
The installation client here is simply a perl script wrapper 
for [smb|rpc]client.  

I'm also planning on working on a setdriver command for 
rpcclient to set the printer driver for an existing printer
(using a previously installed driver).  

However, as of yet I have not designed an automated way of
migrating printers.def into the new setup for 2.2.

Cheers, jerry
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