Samba 2.2 print driver setup

Fouquet, Errol Errol.Fouquet at
Tue Mar 27 14:43:11 GMT 2001


Will there be any methodology available in 2.2 for installing print drivers
without browsing to the PRINT$ share from a W2K/NT box? I've got about 180
printers (at least 30 different models) shared and I'm encountering some
difficulties in installing drivers.

I'm using 2.2a2 in an environment with both W2K and W98 clients. One very
annoying inconsistency with W2K is making my life miserable. We've got some
newer HP models which are not bundled with W2K. I downloaded the drivers
from HP for both W2K and 95/98 platforms. I browse to my PRINT$ share from a
W2K server. I'm able to install the W2K driver just fine, but when I go the
"sharing" tab and try to install "Additional Drivers" for 95/98; W2K just
errors out complaining the driver is not available. It does not give you the
ability to browse for the driver! It just bombs out. It works fine for HP
models which are native to W2K. All of my older HP printers are ready to use
for both client platforms.

Does 2.2 store driver info in the "/var/locks/ntdriver.tdb" file? Is there
any way to edit this file? Is there any way to get the proper drivers
installed from the command line on the Samba box? I'm excited about the
flexibility of the way 2.2 supports multiple platforms for printing ... but
already I'm missing the automated setup of 2.0.

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