I think 2.0.7 is enough but I'm not sure

Martin Radford martin at zamenhof.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 26 20:35:38 GMT 2001

> Is there a HOW-To on doing automatic network based installs of NT 40
> Workstation and software with SAMBA. My alternative is using Ghost,
> ImageCast, or DriveImage which is a nuisance with NT. I've been
> looking at _WINDOWS NT Automated Deployment and Customization_ by
> Richard Puckett and it would be nice if I could manage all the NT
> machines so they had identical software etc. I think the techniques
> would work - but I'd like to find out if someone else, who took notes,
> has already succeeded.

I don't think it matters in practice what OS hosts the files for
unattended installations of NT as long as they're accessible over the
network.  Take a look at
for (some rather terse) information on how we've done this where I work.

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