I think 2.0.7 is enough but I'm not sure

Josh Kuperman josh at saratoga.lib.ny.us
Fri Mar 23 22:42:12 GMT 2001

If these problems can be solved with 2.0.7 I'll stick with 2.0.7. If
they require 2.2 I can go that way. If its impossible I'll stick with
2.0.7.  Three questions:

1. How do I sync passwords with Linux for mail access
mostly, and a few people who might actually have shell accounts as

2. How do I mount enough of a Windows 2000 server's partitions so I can run smbtar on them for backup.

3. How do I do automated installs. 

I just want to have a SAMBA server for a small group of machines
mostly for both public (walk in of the street) use and staff use
here. I am finding that I have a few problems I can't seem to resolve.

I want a few staff people to be able to read e-mail with outlook or
eudora or anything else they desire. So how do I configure the e-mail?
I am already running an IMAP and SMTP server on the same machine as
the SAMBA server. So far I haven't been able to get the 'unix password
sync' feature to work.  Is there something special about that feature
I need to know. I don't know if I want to do this anyhow, since I
don't really want to give them access to the machine except through
SAMBA. Is there a way to offer access to the IMAP server without
this. What do I have to do to get it to work.

I need to make a Windows 2000 server available enough so I can back it
up with Amanda. The Amanda people say it needs the file systems need
to be accessible with smbtar which means they have to be accessible
from my 2.0.7 SAMBA server.  Is that possible?

Is there a HOW-To on doing automatic network based installs of NT 40
Workstation and software with SAMBA. My alternative is using Ghost,
ImageCast, or DriveImage which is a nuisance with NT. I've been
looking at _WINDOWS NT Automated Deployment and Customization_ by
Richard Puckett and it would be nice if I could manage all the NT
machines so they had identical software etc. I think the techniques
would work - but I'd like to find out if someone else, who took notes,
has already succeeded.

I'm using Redhat 6.2 on Sparc with Samba 2.0.7.

Josh Kuperman                       
josh at saratoga.lib.ny.us

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