Help: The Account is not authorized to login from this statio n (e rror when logging to samba)

Pedro Checo pcheco at BEAR-HUNTER.COM
Mon Mar 26 15:06:09 GMT 2001

Thanks to Don and all those who replied! It's now working. You were right
about the encrypted passwords = yes being the problem. Moving this line to
the General section solved my problem. 

I also wanted to share this with the group: Using the notation ~pedro/ to
denote the home dir for uid pedro in /etc/passwd did not work for me. I had
to hand code the path name (ie not use the ~pedro notation). This may be due
to the fact that ~pedro is an nfs mounted dir, but this is just a wild
guess. Not using the ~<uid> notation is perfectly fine for me.

It's working just fine, thanks again!

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Hi Pedro,
log level 3 doesn't give me enough to go on, but I SUSPECT it is 
because you have encrypt passwords = yes NOT in the global section
but in the share section... Assuming that you have actually set up
your username in /etc/passwd and added the user to smbpasswd file 
with the smbpasswd program, as you imply you have.
The default is NO, which would give you this error from an NT workstation
with SP6, because it would fail to negotiate a session with the server
it would want encrypted passwords and the samba server (without encrypt
in the global section of smb.conf) would reply that it was not capable of

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Help: The Account is not authorized to login from this station
(e rror when logging to samba)

Hi, when I try to login thru samba from my NT workstation (4.0 pack 6), I
get this error:

"The Account is not authorized to login from this station"

I am running smbd and nmbd in a Solaris 2.6 box. Passwords are set up and
here is the lib/smb.conf:

        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        hosts allow = 64.241.153. 127.
        log level = 3
        comment = For editing/viewing files in checo:~pedro/.
        path = ~pedro/
        read only = no
        guest ok = yes
        encrypt passwords = yes
        maxconnections = 30  

I am trying to login from which is configured to belong to the

Here is part of the log for smb.log:

[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 2] samba-2.0.7/source/lib/access.c:check_access(258)
  Allowed connection from pedro (
[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 3] samba-2.0.7/source/smbd/process.c:process_smb(618)
  Transaction 0 of length 72
[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 2] samba-2.0.7/source/smbd/reply.c:reply_special(97)
  netbios connect: name1=*SMBSERVER       name2=PEDRO
[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 3] samba-2.0.7/source/smbd/server.c:exit_server(435)
  Server exit (normal exit)
[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 3] samba-2.0.7/source/smbd/process.c:process_smb(618)
  Transaction 1 of length 174
[2001/03/23 15:12:10, 3]

Forgive me if I am asking a question that has been asked before, but I was
not able to search the archives.

Thanks for your help.

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