Authenticating NT Shares against Samba PDC users/groups

Jim Morris Jim at
Tue Mar 20 15:12:34 GMT 2001

Hello Augis,

Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 2:47:46 AM, you wrote:

A> Why you had to create new user group? You could simply pull out the
A> names from Samba.

Well, I seem to have trouble doing just that. If I select a group from
the Samba server on the NT box, I end up with an error that the
"account doesn't exist" or something like that. That's not the exact
error I get on NT - but as I'm not onsite at the moment, I cannot
reproduce it right now.

A> After this, you should establish permitions to share like : [your 
A> group]; SYSTEM; Domain Admins - Full Controll and permitions for 
A> directory SYSTEM; Domain Admins - Full Controll

Well, I don't WANT any of these users to be domain administrators.  I
want a group of users with just "normal" user-level priveledges in the
domain.  I want that group ("accounting" for example) to be able to
use the share in R/W mode, and users that are NOT in that group to not
even connect to the share on the NT box.

A> I think this is because you ommited SYSTEM account you are not able to 
A> see any files.

I guess I'm not clear on how I am supposed to assign the SYSTEM
account here....  Okay - I'm on a Windows 2000 box right now, and I
see "SYSTEM" in the list for adding access rights to a share or file.
So I put the group I want (NOT "Domain admins" hopefully) and SYSTEM
in the list, and that should take care of it?

I'll have the guys onsite try that and see what happens.


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