Authenticating NT Shares against Samba PDC users/groups

Augis ejs at
Tue Mar 20 08:47:46 GMT 2001


Jim Morris wrote:

> I've actually gotten so far as to create a new user group on the NT
> box using the USer Manager for Domains that has the same name as one
> of the existing Unix groups on the Samba PDC.  I have then setup the
> access rights for the share such that only that group has access to
> the share (using "Full Control").  I can logon to the domain from a
> Win98 client, using an account that is in that group, and am allowed
> to connect to the share on the NT box. If I logon as a user who is NOT
> in the group, the NT box will NOT allow me to connect to the share.
> This all seems well and good.  BUT - the user account that can connect
> to the share sees no files on it!  If I change the share permissions
> to give "Everyone" full control on the share, then I see the files.

Why you had to create new user group? You could simply pull out the 
names from Samba.

After this, you should establish permitions to share like : [your 
group]; SYSTEM; Domain Admins - Full Controll and permitions for 
directory SYSTEM; Domain Admins - Full Controll

I think this is because you ommited SYSTEM account you are not able to 
see any files.

  remove -NOSPM when replying

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