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Keith Lynn lynn at
Thu Mar 15 15:23:04 GMT 2001

Hello everyone,
     This question may be slightly off the subject, but I thought someone
might be able to help me with this.
     I run several computer labs, each running Windows NT 4.0 clients with
a Samba server running on RedHat Linux.
     What I would like to do is have this server not only run Samba but
act as a pseudorouter. That is, there is a main router in our University,
and each client is set to use that router as its gateway.
     What I want to do is change the gateway on each client to the server
running Samba, and then as needed shut off routed so that packets can't
get to the real router. However, I have not been able to get routed to
work on the server.
     The specifics of the problem are that a client machine has IP address, and the Samba server has IP address I've
tried running routed and setting up /etc/gateways, but I can't get to ping any machines outside the subnet. Has anyone had
experience using routed? Thanks.

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