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What were the routes you added?

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> Hello everyone,
>      This question may be slightly off the subject, but I thought someone
> might be able to help me with this.
>      I run several computer labs, each running Windows NT 4.0 clients with
> a Samba server running on RedHat Linux.
>      What I would like to do is have this server not only run Samba but
> act as a pseudorouter. That is, there is a main router in our University,
> and each client is set to use that router as its gateway.
>      What I want to do is change the gateway on each client to the server
> running Samba, and then as needed shut off routed so that packets can't
> get to the real router. However, I have not been able to get routed to
> work on the server.
>      The specifics of the problem are that a client machine has IP address
>, and the Samba server has IP address I've
> tried running routed and setting up /etc/gateways, but I can't get
> to ping any machines outside the subnet. Has anyone had
> experience using routed? Thanks.
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