Serving user lists to Windows9x stations

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Tue Mar 13 17:57:07 GMT 2001

>The problem seems to be that the 95 usrmgr.exe limits the return data size
>on the SamrEnumDomainAliases call to 512, and on my system, we need more
>bytes to return the group information.  So if you don't have many unix
>groups on your Samba server, it should work....
>But the NT/2k usrmgr limits it to I'll see what happens if I
>increase the number of groups enough....

Hmm...even if I get my number of groups low enough, the 95 usrmgr still
complains.  I get the entire list of user names showing, and at least all
of the groups I have in /etc/group, but not the other "standard" groups
(Administrators, Backup Operators, etc.).  That list is always "too long".
The NT/2k usrmgr handles the buffer overflow problem and reads off the pipe
following the call.  The 95 usrmgr just gives up when it doesn't get it all
in one response.  I don't see (for what that's worth) any way around it....


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