Hiding nmb name in browse list

Peter Davis peter at speaklink.com
Mon Mar 12 20:53:20 GMT 2001

Newer versions of W98/2K/NT have the option to hide the computer's 
netbios name from the browse-list in the Network Neighborhood.  The idea 
is that a personal workstation would be hidden from general browsing 
(although the name such as "\\name" can be typed in manually), while 
file servers and other computers commonly used by everyone on the 
network would remain visible.

I recently recieved a request from my sysadmin to hide my box from the 
browse list, but as I am running the only linux box on my network, I 
don't get a lot of support on my end.  (I tried setting the "browse 
list" option to false, which is the only thing relevant I could see).  I 
cannot seem to find a way to configure this behavior in my smb.conf. 
Could one of you kind people please point me in the right direction, if 
it is even possible to do this currently?  If not, could this feature be 
implemented in future versions?  Thanks!

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