Papersizes with Samba 2.2.0 and Win2k.

Christian Hergl weehawk at
Mon Mar 12 20:29:03 GMT 2001

Hi David.

Ouch, I somehow feared something like that. Seems like there is still a 
reason left for WinNT servers. Not for me, I'm gonna do that work around 
in VB, if I can.
But Huston, we got a problem there. If I can't configure the printers, 
I'm very limited. MAybe the apsfilter solution would be worth a try (later).
Well, most of you folks will use the US formats, in europe most will use 
the A4 with laser printers nowadays. Perhaps later in the beta phase 
something could be done about that?

In hope,

David A. Mason wrote:

> My apologies. As I read further down my long list of samba list mail, I
> found the full explanation of your problem.
> This is interesting.
> I know that on NT Server, it is sometimes necessary for the spooling
> server's printer driver to be configured (from the server's NT interface)
> with additional printer options and paper destinations for the clients to be
> able to access those options, which would perhaps not be possible with
> Samba. I defer to gurus for that angle.

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