Papersizes with Samba 2.2.0 and Win2k.

Stan Sander ssande at
Mon Mar 12 16:35:57 GMT 2001

Christian Hergl wrote:

> Greetings, List.
> First, I want to say, that I got a recent CVS of Samba 2.2.0 up and
> running on a SuSE6.3, and can (automatically with the adduser) join
> Win2k clients (German version, SP1). It runs well enough so far (great
> thanks to the programmers). I also set up the printing (seems like it is
> a new variation, different to the old 2.07 of Samba, as I only have one
> single generic Samba port for all printers).
> The printing works fine, based on lprng on Linux, except.... I can not
> add any user-define paper sizes. See, here at the company where I test
> it there are still line printers with generic paper sizes. I know how to
> add those in Win2k, but they just don't show up in my applications.
> Tried a new generic profile, tried to set something in the registry, all
> no go =P
> Does anyone know here how to tell the Samba printers, what papers they
> can/should use? The search on the web gave me no results....
> Weird thing is, that in applications like Office I see the generic
> default list, but in the printer settings I only see the letter format.
> Doh. Something is wrong here....
> On the other side, if I install a local printer, I can select my user
> define papers with no problem at all.... if I'd only understand.
> Thanks for your time,
> Christian Hergl

My guess is that your print queues (via ghostscript and/or apsfilter) are where
the paper size definition is coming from.  Try setting up additional print
queues with different paper sizes defined.  I've had good luck with that to
define landscape printing, printing on transparencies, duplex printing, etc.  I
use a naming convention like <my_printer_name> with a d appended for duplex, a
c for color, an l for landscape, etc., for the additional queue names.

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