Papersizes with Samba 2.2.0 and Win2k.

Christian Hergl weehawk at
Mon Mar 12 15:21:49 GMT 2001

Greetings, List.

First, I want to say, that I got a recent CVS of Samba 2.2.0 up and 
running on a SuSE6.3, and can (automatically with the adduser) join 
Win2k clients (German version, SP1). It runs well enough so far (great 
thanks to the programmers). I also set up the printing (seems like it is 
a new variation, different to the old 2.07 of Samba, as I only have one 
single generic Samba port for all printers).
The printing works fine, based on lprng on Linux, except.... I can not 
add any user-define paper sizes. See, here at the company where I test 
it there are still line printers with generic paper sizes. I know how to 
add those in Win2k, but they just don't show up in my applications. 
Tried a new generic profile, tried to set something in the registry, all 
no go =P

Does anyone know here how to tell the Samba printers, what papers they 
can/should use? The search on the web gave me no results....

Weird thing is, that in applications like Office I see the generic 
default list, but in the printer settings I only see the letter format. 
Doh. Something is wrong here....
On the other side, if I install a local printer, I can select my user 
define papers with no problem at all.... if I'd only understand.

Thanks for your time,

Christian Hergl

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